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NOAA-15, -18, -19 - Polar Operational Environmental Satellites (POES)

NOAA-15 Spacecraft Status Summary

Spacecraft Letter: K
International Designation: 1998 030A
Catalog Number: 25338
Launch Date: 05/13/1998
Operational Date: 12/15/1998
Operational Status: AM Secondary
GAC: Yes
STX-2/MSB 1702.5 MHz
APT: Yes
VTX-2 137.62 MHz
LTAN: 17:46:52
Inclination Angle: 98.5 deg
Altitude: 807km
Precession Rate: 1.05 (min/month)
Period: 101.1 (minutes)

NOAA-18 Spacecraft Status Summary

Spacecraft Letter: N
International Designation: 2005 018A
Catalog Number: 28654
Launch Date: 05/20/2005
Operational Date: 8/30/2005
Operational Status: PM Secondary
GAC: Yes
STX-3/HSB 1707.0 MHz
LAC: Yes
APT: Yes VTX-2 137.9125 MHz
LTAN: 17:53:33
Inclination Angle: 98.74 deg
Altitude: 854km
Precession Rate: 3.52 (min/month)
Period: 102.12 (minutes) 

Note: SBUV Chopper Mtr stalled at 0807Z on Dec 12, 2012, and the PWR On/Off Macros in CPU initiated. MHS Channel H5 LO was successfully swapped on Nov 29, 2012 to redundant LO, increasing the operating dynamic range to 68% with the Gain setting at 0dB

NOAA-19 Spacecraft Status Summary

Spacecraft Letter: N-Prime
International Designation: 2009-005-A
Catalog Number: 33591
Launch Date: 02/06/2009
Operational Date: 6/02/2009
Operational Status: PM Primary
GAC: Yes
LAC: Yes
APT: Yes
VTX-1 137.1 MHz
LTAN: 14:36:15
Inclination Angle: 98.7 deg
Altitude: 870km
Precession Rate: 0.77 (min/month)
Period: 102.14 (minutes) 

Note: HIRS filterwheel motor current increases on July 2, 2013. 12 IR channels NEdNs exceed specs, products unusable on July 8, 2013. FLT MTR was put in Hi PWR mode and FLT Wh HSG Htr was turned on July 10. NEdNs reduced. Data re-evaluation is on-going.


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